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About Us

Remember growing up, your mother would tell you to clean your room, and you would huff and puff as you swept away aimlessly? Funny story, that was me, but the irony is that my mother and I created a company in something that we take pride in - cleaning.

We have a professional cleaning crew with years of experience, which ranges from cleaning facilities, offices, post construction clean ups and small businesses. Our skilled cleaners know how to clean, dust, disinfect and sanitize every inch of your facility. We’re proud to have properly trained, certified and insured cleaners who can handle challenging cleaning tasks.

You may not think of confidentiality, loyalty or integrity when you think of commercial cleaning – but after all cleaning is a service, and all effective services are based on these vital principles.

In life, it is very rare to have a satisfactory end product - especially one that is pristine; Nevertheless, the pleasure that we get from cleaning and tidying your special place is our tangible outcome. With 25+ years of combined experience, there is no job too big or too small.

A clean, well-organized facility is a healthy workplace for you, and coworkers. Utilizing All American Cleaning Enterprise, we will keep your facility completely clean to reduce bacteria, dust and allergens.

We are always ready for the next challenge. Are you ready for us to make cleaning great again?

Office Cleaner
Building Cleaning Service
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